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End of the Year Friendly Reminders

End of the Year Friendly Reminders:

BUSINESS LICENSES- The deadline for business license renewal applications is December 31, 2022. Any application received January 1 or after will be assessed a 10% penalty per Statham City Code of Ordinances Sec. 10-320. All commercial locations are subject to a state-mandated fire and life safety code inspection by Barrow County Emergency Services.

TAX BILLS- City of Statham tax bills for tax year 2022 were mailed October 20, 2022 and are due January 23, 2023. If you did not receive a City of Statham tax bill, please contact City Hall at 770-725-5455. The City received approximately 150+ returned tax bills due to incorrect or insufficient addresses due to post office box closures, name changes, relocating or unable to forward. Please note that a property owner is still responsible for a timely payment regardless of if a tax bill was received or not, and after January 23, 2023, interest and penalties will be assessed. Additionally, if your tax payment is included in an escrow account, please confirm with your mortgage company that it has been paid on your behalf and/or have received a copy of your tax bill to ensure a timely payment.