Statham Police Department

Chief Ira Underwood

Chief Ira Underwood


Phone: (770) 725-5992 ext. 2008

The Statham Police Department serves the citizens and visitors of Statham with pride and dedication. We are currently staffed with five full-time officers for 24-hour police coverage. Our officers are trained professionals with the first priority of public safety to all within our city. Our department's philosophy is dedicated service with a firm but fair approach to all, and treat others as we would like to be treated.

Our jurisdiction, while small, consists of a small-town atmosphere with big town attributes. The main highways that run through the heart of the City are U.S. 29, GA 211 and GA 316. These highways are the arteries from the Metro areas of Athens and Atlanta. Small town businesses right up to trademark commercial operations are within our city limits. 

Along with the above-mentioned atmosphere, the occasional violators and criminal elements can pass through or choose to stop within our City to visit or conduct business. It is our objective to correct violations by enforcement, and deter criminal activity through aggressive criminal patrol to ensure safe passage and residence to our citizens and visitors alike.

In addition to these duties, we strive for community connection through personal contacts and various programs to have an open rapport with our citizens. Communication is imperative to maintaining a healthy relationship with our citizens and visitors.

I am proud to serve as your Chief of Police, and encourage you to become involved in the community efforts and programs within our City. Feel free to contact me at (770) 725-7100 option 2 for any needs that may arise.

Chief of Police

Mission Statement: To provide a professional community service to the citizens of the City of Statham by the firm but fair application of the laws of the State of Georgia and the ordinances of the City of Statham with the foremost goals of public safety, protecting life and property as well as maintaining order through aggressive prevention, detection, investigation and apprehension of offenders in criminal activity.

Motto: Committed to the Community

For Emergencies, dial 911.

Non-emergencies, please call dispatch at (770) 307-4911.

Do not call the Statham Police Department directly if you need an officer. ‚Äč

Our officers are dispatched through the Barrow County 911 Dispatch.

Administration and Support Staff

Captain John Davis - (770) 725-5992 ext. 2013

Court Clerk, Tracie Pollard - (770) 725-5992 ext. 2009

Police Department Support Services Julie Shuman -