Sales Tax Rates

Barrow County has a 7% sales tax rate distributed as follows:

4% is allocated to the state.
1% is allocated to Barrow County's Local Option Sales Tax (LOST) and divided between the County and its municipalities. 
1% is allocated to Barrow County's Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) that was voter-approved for specific purposes. This is also divided between the County and its municipalities. 
1% is allocated to Barrow County's Board of Education Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (ESPLOST) that was voter-approved, and is to be used for specific purposes. 

Statham Property Tax

The current millage rate for the City of Statham is 4.003. You can calculate Statham property tax owed by following the directions below: 

First, the millage rate must be divided by 1,000. For example, taxpayers with property in the city limits of Statham will take the current millage rate of 4.003 and divide it by 1,000 (or simply move the decimal three places to the left) so the total millage rate is expressed as .004003.

To estimate the amount of property taxes owed, simply multiply the assessed value of the property by the total millage rate. In Georgia, property is assessed for tax purposes at 40% of the fair market value that is on file in the County Tax Assessor's Office. If your home has a fair market value of $200,000, you take the fair market value and multiply by 40% for a total of $80,000 assessed value. Then you take the assessed value of $80,000 and multiply it by the expressed Statham millage rate as shown above of .004003. The total tax you will pay the City of Statham for your property is $320.24.

*Please note that Barrow County also charges property tax in addition to the City of Statham's property tax. You will receive your property tax bill from Statham separate from Barrow County. You may pay your Statham property tax bill at City Hall, 327 Jefferson Street. 

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